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A series at the Grade 2 level based on the march styles

of countries around the world.

Composed and arranged by Johnnie Vinson  -  Available from Hal Leonard

NEW!  ITALIA  (Italian Symphonic March)

BROADWAY!  (American Concert March)





GRAND GALOP  (American Circus)



To hear recordings, go to the “Published Music - Music for Contest/Festival” page.



"When Nothing Else Will" - Commissioned for symphonic band, string orchestra and SATB chorus by the Music Department of Fayette County High School, Fayetteville, GA to celebrate the opening of their new performing arts center.  Based on a quote from former First Lady, Michelle Obama.  A band-only version has been published with the title, "Flourish and Processional."  Gr. 3.5, Duration: 3:30.

"Lanier Variants" (Remembering Sidney Lanier)  -  Commissioned by the Sidney Lanier Middle School Band of Fairfax, VA.  This work consists of variations on an original theme inspired by a quote of the poet: "Music is love in search of a word."  Gr. 3, Duration: 4:40.  Published by Hal Leonard.

"Armenian Rhapsody" -  Based on five authentic Armenian folk songs, this work was commissioned by the Association of Texas Small School Bands for the ATSSB All-State Symphonic Band.  It was premiered by that group and performed at the 2016 Midwest Clinic.  Gr. 3,  Duration: 5:30.  Published by Hal Leonard.

“. . . Like A Mighty Stream”  (Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) -  Commissioned by the South Middle School Band of Lawrence, KS, this work for band and narrator pays homage to the leader of the Civil Rights movement in America. 

Gr. 2.5,  Duration: 5:00.  Was premiered by the SMS Band and published by Hal Leonard.

“Selkie”  (A Scottish Legend)  -  Based on the creature in Celtic mythology which is a seal when in the water but becomes a human when on land.  Commissioned by the J.T. Lambert Intermediate School Sixth Grade Band of East Stroudsburg, PA. Published by Hal Leonard.  Gr. 1.5,  Duration: 3:50  (Performed at the 2015 Midwest Clinic.)

“O’er the Land of the Free”  -  Commissioned by the International Bandmasters Fraternity, Phi Beta Mu.  Written in remembrance of several important events in American history which have anniversaries in 2014, this work features an original theme with interludes interwoven with the opening motives from “The Star Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful.”  Gr. 3,  Duration: 4:15.

“Cahaba Dances”  -  Commissioned by the Shelby County (AL) Band Directors Association and dedicated to the 2014 All-Shelby County Honor Band.  The title refers to the Cahaba River which run through the area.  The three connected dances reflect the composer’s general impression of one of the fastest growing and most prosperous areas in Alabama.  Gr. 4,  Duration: 6:45.

“Fantasy Sketches”  (Wizards, Elves, and Talking Animals) -  Commissioned by the Auburn (AL) Band Parents Association in honor of Dr. Rusty Logan upon his retirement as Band Director at Auburn High School.  One of my best friends, Rusty is an avid reader of fantasy books and he suggested the idea for this three-movement, Gr. 4 composition.  It was premiered by the AHS Band on December 14, 2013 and published by Hal Leonard in fall, 2014.  Duration: 9:05

“Thunderbolt”  (A P-47 Tribute)  -  A salute to one of the workhorse fighter planes of World War II.  This Grade 3 overture was commissioned by the middle school band directors of Okaloosa County, Florida and is dedicated to the 2013 Okaloosa All-County Middle School Band.  It was premiered by that group with the composer conducting on February 1, 2013 and has been published by Hal Leonard.  Duration: 4:30

“. . . To Realms of Endless Day”  was commissioned by the Thompson Middle School Band of Alabaster, AL and is dedicated to the memory of band member Katie Dunn and her mother Millie who lost their lives in an automobile accident.  The single-movement work is a Gr. 2.5 / 3 with a duration of about 3:45.  It was performed at the 2011 Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic by the Cobb Wind Symphony.

“The Singing River” is the Native American name of the Tennessee River where it flows through the Shoals area of north Alabama.  This 5 1/2 minute single-movement (Gr. 3) work in variation form was commissioned by the Shoals Area Band Directors Association.  It was premiered by the Shoals Honor Band on March 19, 2011, in Muscle Shoals, AL with Dr. James Smisek of Samford University conducting.

“Mountain Country Dances”  a three-movement (Gr. 2.5) work for concert band, was commissioned by the Northwest District of the North Carolina Bandmasters Association and is dedicated to the 2010-2011 All-District Middle School Symphonic Band.  Performed at the 2011 Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic by the VanderCook College of Music Band.)  Duration: 5.15

Sacred Harp Singers.jpg

“Echoes of the Hollow Square”  (Suite of Shaped Note Tunes for Band) was commissioned by and is dedicated to the Pelham High School Wind Ensemble of Pelham, AL.  This Grade 4 work is in three movements with a duration of approximately eight-and-a-half minutes.  It is based on four early American shaped note hymn tunes, a singing tradition which has been practiced for over 200 years.  The movements include:

  1. The Morning Trumpet

  2. Hallelujah

  3. I’m Going Home/Warrenton


“Suite for Winds and Percussion” (Remembering Daniel Pratt) was commissioned by and dedicated to the Prattville High School Band of Prattville, AL and its director, Jon Bowman.  This Grade 4 work looks back at the life and times of Alabama industrialist Daniel Pratt and the town he founded in 1839.  Duration: 7:30

The three movements include:

    1.  Fanfare for a New Era: the Industrial Revolution

    2.  Ode: the Southern Landscape

    3.  Perpetual Motion: Machines 

“Fantasy on a Russian Air” - Title should actually be "Fantasy on a Ukrainian Air." It was recently learned that the folk song on which this piece is based is actually Ukrainian, not Russian.  (See the Blog/News post dated May 30, 2023.) This Grade 3 work in variation form was commissioned by and is dedicated to the Flat Rock Middle School Band of Tyrone, Georgia and its director, Debbie Baker.  Duration: 4:00


“Nettleton” is a Grade 3 setting of an early American hymn tune most often known today as "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing."  It was commissioned by and dedicated to the Thompson Middle School Band of Alabaster, AL and its directors, Connie and Tim Hammond.  First performed at the 2008 Alabama MEA Conference.  A second version of this piece has been published in Hal Leonard's Flex-Band Series.  Duration: 3:35

Shaped Notes.jpg

“Variants on a Shaped Note Tune” is based on the early American hymn tune, "Pisgah" which is number 58 in the Sacred Harp song book.  Commissioned by and dedicated to the Homewood Middle School Band of Homewood, AL and its director, Chris Cooper.  First performed at the 2006 Alabama MEA Conference.  Grade 3, Duration: 5:00

Lapel, IN Barn.jpg

“Ballad and Dance” is a Grade 3, two-movement composition commissioned by and dedicated to the Lapel High School Band of Lapel, IN and its director, Greg Scott.  The "Ballad" depicts the tranquil atmosphere of rural Indiana.  The "Dance" then represents the spirited effect that the Lapel Band has on its community.  Duration: 5:40



A compact disc, “The Music of Johnnie Vinson, Vol. 1,” is available from the Hal Leonard Corporation.  It includes And Hold In Memory..., Carnival of Venice, Variants on a Shaped Note Tune, St. Petersburg March, Ballad and Dance, Mars, Three Czech Folk Songs, A Renaissance Christmas, Songs of Africa, Two Scottish Dances, Simple Gifts, and The Star Spangled Banner.

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